The videocreation section arrives at Caótica’s room

Caótica receives the videocreation section of ARTSevilla 17 with various countries between the 16th and 28th. The section consists of ten designs of artists of different nationalities: Italy, France, Greece, Netherlands, Turkey, Iran, Mexico, Slovenia, Israel and Spain.

Among the main issues, stand out the reflections about humanity, migration and the situation of refugees, armed conflicts, communication, urban and modern transformations and social inequalities, the passing of time or isolation.

The Italian Andrea Leoni produces in Line a continuous game between fullness and emptiness which deals with the complicated relation between our own aspirations and limits.

Andreas Guzmán, born and grown in France and graduated in Cinematography and Fine Arts in the United States, studies relationships through careful shots in No Quarrel.

Christina & ARos is an artistic couple of renowned career established in Athens. Interference recreates a poem by Carl Sandburg, I am the People, The Mob, of 1916. This is articulated according to its development to show the meaningful (and insignificant) part of humanity. Its objective is to give visibility to all the invisible dynamics, unknown people who make possible the development of society with their effort.

Corradino Garofalo, from Netherlands, tries to make visible the relation between the individual and society. Cinesica – Video portrait 01 shows special interest in exploring the role of artefacts in the characterization of human relations and the interactions in social groups.

Duygu Nazlı Akova is an artist and searcher resident in Istanbul. Currently, she is working in her PhD as well as working as an assistant in the İstanbul Kültür Üniversitesi. Gyes, name proceeding from Greek mythology which means “horror”, illustrates with examples the urban transformation of Istanbul, the change in the life’s spheres and the unfair conditions of life of many of its residents.

The national attendance is represented by Irene Cruz, photographer and videoartist of Madrid who, following to Alice Guy Blaché, introduces the vital turning back in its work. Irene Cruz makes a vital book in an unreal time in Luft… According to Fernando García Malmierca, his work is a tale of the memory: the one that make us turn back in time and rekindling the past with whimsical jumps around in a non-linear order.

Hajar is the title of the moving work presented by Karou Calamy. This 22 years old Norwegian video-artist of Iranian origin starts with a visual and talking collage, which joins together war situations and moments of objective happiness. He mixes pictures of New Year’s Eve in Norway and real sounds of Kurdish fighters who confront the Islamic State.

The Mexican Mauricio Sáenz investigates the idea of shifting, physically and mentally, in Casa Iceberg. A boat with the mission of moving an iceberg represents the necessity of change after a difficult situation.

Life is seen as a disordered flow, with neither start nor finish, in the work of Tina Sulc, a Slovenian video-artist. Messy Flow is an experimental video created for VJ sessions.

Yael Toren is an Israeli multidisciplinary artist born in 1960 who uses new technologies to create empty spaces where the unknown characters introduce an existential subject. Pieta invites us to think about time and history, birth and extinctions, emigration, the situation of refugees or the humanity in the 21st  century.

Caótica. José Gestoso St, 8. Sessions: from 16th to 19th October. 7:30pm. 26th and 28th. 7:30pm. 27th. 12:00pm.

Outstanding picture: Casa Iceberg, by Mauricio Sáenz.

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