ARTSevilla – International Meeting of Contemporary Art, looks for promoting an atmosphere of dialogue where citizens, young talents, acclaimed artists and cultural professionals could interact. In it last edition, a total of one hundred ninety four artists of eighteen nationalities participated.This space aforementioned takes place in the city itself, thanks to the implication of different artistic and cultural centres added to the list of the event’s headquarters.

The ICAS – (Institute of the Culture and the Arts of Seville) is one of the main participant entities, with its presence in the expositive as well as in the formative block of the event. The section ARTSevilla OFF will be inaugurated the 11th October at 8:00pm in the Atín Aya’s Room and will be exposed until the 21st October.

 “Creo que a Joseph Beuys no lo tengo en Facebook” is an exhibition managed by Patricia Bueno del Río, with the participation of the artists Manuel Casellas, Marcela Cernadas, Fernando Clemente, José García Vallés, Gorka Mohammed, Manuel M. Romero, Sonia Navarro, Javier Parrilla, Paco Peregrín and Florencia Rojas. The exhibition reflects on the aesthetic value of the new artistic languages, the superfluous simplification and the human aspiration to achieve the beauty as a way to happiness.

On the other hand, “La noche española”, an artwork by Paco Pérez Valencia summarizes five years of work which have led to a reconstruction and revitalisation of old sentiments and experiences.

Rafael López Bosh shows us with “El rey de las serpientes” an unreal and unfriendly world with aggressive and vicious animals. However, to what extent is this world unreal?

Finally, ARTSevilla OFF receives with special affection “Pieza 007” by Mara León, which is the responsible for the event’s image. Inner emotions, deep conflicts and sharp pain. When we talk of essential things, additives are not needed. Thus, according to Ciuco Gutiérrez, the images by Mara León are the exact quantity, not many but essentials.

The main days of the Meeting, from the 26th to the 29th October, the Atín Aya’s Room changes its programme at two of the levels to receive the designs of the Provincial Government of Huelva. These designs include a participative project in honour to the 525th anniversary of the meeting between two worlds: Huelva – America and of the Algeciras’ council, whose design promotes the visibility of women in the sphere of plastics arts.

The ground floor will admit one of the sections included under the heading “Laberintos del Siglo XXI. ARTSevilla Solo Projects 2017.” A space reserved to independent artists who have worked with the idea of giving visibility to the consequences that are still marking our time in an incomprehensible way. Related to the design and the montage, we join forces with the Expositive Patrimony, a company composed by young staff of specialized profile who means a good example of cultural undertaking.

Current art seems to be unconnected with a large proportion of the population because of many reasons. This fact just bases on the steady existence of the event which we propose. Thanks to its formative, expositive and editorial programme, ARTSevilla is an open, close and diverse cultural design able to connect also with those people who beforehand find barriers in contemporary art.

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