The Antiquarium will receive the 26th and 27th the Cultural Journeys of ARTSevilla 17, whose talks will be about cultural affairs, expositions’ management, museography, education, research, artistic creation and undertaking, between other subjects.


The Social Work “la Caixa” also participates with a talk guided by Nimfa Bisbe and Montse Sampietro, in charge of the Collection of Contemporary Art and the Department of Cultural Activities of the Banking Foundation “la Caixa” respectively.


Moreover, the interventions realised by Cuatrecasas, Hybrid and Labolsa Magazine will be about the taxation of art, cultural affairs and undertaking.


The gallery owner Carmen Aranguren, with a talk about the market of contemporary art, and Enrique Castillo, responsible of Museographia, stand out between all the contributions from professionals of Seville.


Besides, the interventions of Javier Rodríguez, art director of La Cartuja, the creative companies Albañomaría and Todomuta studio, as well as of the artists and agents Rut Martín, Agustín Israel and Belleda López, are about artistic practices, creative process and design.


In relation to specific cultural projects, Tonia Trujillo and Mariana Hormaechea will present Foro MAV 17, Mujeres en las Artes Visuales. People responsible of the Provincial Government of Huelva will introduce the cultural programme 525 Aniversario. Encuentro entre dos mundos.


Music and cinema will also be present in these journeys thanks to the area of Culture of the Loyola University Andalusia, which participle with a talk given by Miguel Bezanilla.


Finally, a series of conferences based in researching works will be given by young researchers of the Universities of Seville and Grenade.


Happening at the same time of the opening, the performance He estado (des)conectado by the artist Alejandro Ontiveros from Madrid will take place in the ocurse of the Journeys.


If you participate in the event, you can also enjoy these journeys for free. Previous confirmation will be necessary for it by sending an email to irenevillen(@)


If you are not a participant yet, you can sign up here.

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