ARTSevilla 17 in real terms

The third edition of ARTSevilla 17 has finished and, as it cannot be otherwise, we want to start this post acknowledging all the people who have made this new event possible.

Once again, ARTSevilla aims to create a connection between current art and society, by making the city a part of it through the distribution of its participant headquarters and spaces. Conviviality, integration and dialogue which join together and serve as basis of the event that we propose every year.

ARTSevilla The Guest. Universo Eirín – Richard Saad. Image: s.flores.


A complete Cultural Conference which some people, more than others knew how to take advantage of, joined a complete exhibit section composed by eight headquarters and fifteen spaces part of the initiative “The Guest”.



The set of posters by Alejandro Rojas time to give visibility to an event where the interaction is a key action. The posters with signs to Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, Manuel Barbadillo, Ana Barriga and Mara León were flying in the streets.

But here you have some data, the most important thing. This year we have had nothing less than 271 chosen participants. Imagine the volume of project reviews in many of the callings! Only as example, for the Videocreation section we displayed 10 proposals selected out of 70. In fact, Videocreation was the most international group adding 9 of the 26 participant nationalities.


Further information, since December of 2016 we have had 45500 visits on the website and 14680 followers joined our social networks. During the event, an average of approximately 1200 visitors have walked around different key points of the itinerary.


Despite of the data, there are many people “of the field” who ignore our motivation in organizing the International Meeting of Contemporary Art. Therefore, it seems convenient to stand out some of our objectives:


  • To diversify the opportunities of divulgation of contemporary art, removing barriers and bringing closer to all type of public, developing the relation Art – society.


  • To propose an ambiance of meeting that stimulate the creation, the reflection and the dialogue, with the presence of emerging and consolidated artists, researchers and professionals of national and international field.


  • To giving visibility to the possibilities of Art as a driver of the social change.


  • To develop strategies of formation and professionalization of the student sector in the cultural and artistic field.


  • To develop the presence and the female participation in the cultural field.


  • And many others ?


ARTSevilla has excelled in its two last editions by the definition of an open, closer and versatile model, able to face countless difficulties. Thanks to the support of the different entities who have greeted us and to all the participant spaces part of the initiative The Guest, we have achieved, once again, to be more visible and more accessible for the citizens who find barriers in contemporary art beforehand. To all participants, sponsors, partners, volunteers and friends, THANKS.

Outstanding image: Saint Inés’ Room. ARTSevilla 17. In the spotlight “Ware” by AZ Group. Image: s.flores.

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