A space for artists conccerned in the project to integrate art and city. Art depicting context, time, aware of what we live and feel today. Art wich suggest, complaint, reinvents, manifests, fight and help. Art breathes within the community where it is created. This call is for creators with the ability to convince everyone that we want to change things and we crave because we want to live. Everything remains to be done, to discover, a changing and infinite process branches converging on a whole and a whole containing many actions and small corners where anyone who accepts our challenge, to offer something different, will have its place.

This laboratory research has had the collaboration of a Scientific Committee has identified the most representative proposals and more tailored to the suggested theme. The selected works make up the exhibition in the Espacio Laraña of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Seville.

Selected artists:

– Anabel Gaudioso – “Seres liminales”

Amaya Oneill – “S.T.”

Ana Becerra Melgar – “Payasos”

Arturo Prieto – “En tránsito. Ciudad escrita”

Aurora Cid Polonio -“Secuencias I”

Clara Leal Paz – “La cuidad fantasma de Beichuan”

Elías S. Sánchez – “Espacios de diálogo”

Ignacio Arias – “Tiempo líquido”

Joaquín Delgado – “Meditación pintada I”

José María Banús – “La nauseé”

Luisa Alba – “Doodles” de la Serie La Red de los Posibles

Selu Pérez – “Clones”

– Fallen Fireflies (Violeta González y Cisco Muñoz) – “La tumba de las luciérnagas”


Inscription cost: 50€.

More Information

Here you can see some images of ARTSevilla15 SoloProjects exhibition

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